Brisbane Free Flight Society: 1999

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Dateline: Wivenhoe, July 9, 1999

The next shots are un-captioned because I'm feeling lazy (although the title of the photo which you can view through the "save image" option of your browser may give some clue). Anyone who wants to add a caption just email me with the photo number and your suggestion. but be warned - your name goes up with your caption!

1) And you think the Corsair was a "Bent Wing Bird"! (anon)

2) The Dude bags another one. (Malcolm Campbell)

3) Just zipping back to the flight line. (Malcolm Campbell)

4) ........

5) No Des, it's not a bungee event. (Malcolm Campbell)

6) John, have you launched yet? (Van Richards-Smith)

7) ........

8) It's da Lombo King! (Van Richards-Smith)

9) ........

10) ........

11) ........

12) George prepares to replace Ron's lens cap (Malcolm Campbell)

13) The Tipsy Gypsy (Van Richards-Smith).

14) Gee Pieter, launch in a thermal next time! (Malcolm Campbell)

15) Strange place for a flight line. (Malcolm Campbell)





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