FAI Free Flight Model Classes

Code Class General Type Brief Description
(A2 'Nordic')
  Surface area: 32 - 34 dm2
  Minimum weight: 410 g
  Max length of launching cable: 50 m at 5kg load
  with minimum cable pennant area of 2.5 dm2
  World Championship Class
F1BModel Aircraft with Extensible Motor
  Surface area: 17 - 19 dm2
  Minimum weight less motor : 200
  Max weight of the motor: 30 g 
  World Championship Class
F1C Model Aircraft with Piston Motors
  Maximum swept volume of motor(s): 2.5 cm3
  Minimum total weight: 300 g/cm3
  Minimum loading: 20 g/dm2
  Maximum loading: 50 g/dm2
  Maximum motor run: 5 seconds
  World Championship Class
F1D Indoor Model Aircraft
  Maximum Wing Span: 550 mm
  Maximum Tail Span: 450 mm
  Maximum chord of all lifting surfaces: 200 mm
  Minimum weight without rubber:  1.2 gram
  Maximum weight of lubricated rubber motor: 0.6 g
  Ceiling heights categories
    Category I:   less than 8 metres
    Category II:  between 8 and 15 metres
    Category III: between 15 and 30 metres
    Category IV:  higher than 30 metres
  World Championship Class
F1E Gliders with Automatic Steering
  Maximum surface area: 150 dm2
  Maximum loading:100 g/dm2
  Maximum flying weight: 5 kg
F1G Model Aircraft with Extensible Motors
(Coupe D'Hiver)
  Minimum total weight less motor: 70 grams
  Maximum motor weight: 10 grams
  Mini-Event Class
F1H Gliders
  Maximum surface area: 18 dm2
  Minimum weight: 220 g
  Max length of launching cable: 50 m at 2kg load
  with minimum pennant area of 2.5 dm2
  Mini-Event Class
F1J Power Model Aircraft
(1/2A class power models)
  Maximum swept volume of motor(s): 1.0 cm3
  Maximum motor run: 7 seconds
  Minimum weight total: 160 g
  Mini-Event Class
F1K Model Aircraft with CO2 Engines
  Minimum weight without CO2: 75 g
  Maximum surface area: 12 dm2
  Maximum volume of CO2 tank(s): 3 cm3 
F1L Indoor EZB Model Aircraft
  Maximum projected wingspan: 458 mm (18.0 inches)
  Maximum wing chord: 76 mm (3.0 inches)
  Maximum stabilizer area: 50% of wing area
F1M Indoor Beginners' Class
  Maximum wing span: 460 mm
  Minimum weight: 3 g
  Maximum motor weight: 1.5 g
F1N Indoor Handlaunch Glider
  Folding wings not permitted

Once upon a time there was a F1F category for rotary wing free flight models, but it does not appear in Section IV, Volume F1 for 2002. Guess it has died...






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