Allouchery 1.25 cc


Name Allouchery Designer unknown
Type Compression Ignition Capacity 1.25 cc
Production run unknown Country of Origin France
Photo by Bert Striegler
Stan Pilgrim
Tim Dannels
Year of manufacture 1946



Bert says: "This is my favorite French engine, the Allouchery 1.25cc. This engine is new and was obtained from it's original purchaser by Brian Cox when the owner asked him to convert it to run on glo It was made in Vincennes in 1946 and is beautifully done inside and out. The tank was missing so another screwdriver bit the dust.

Following Bert's confession regarding his all time favourite Moteur la Frog (with appologies in advance to any French readers as France really has produced some outstanding engines), Motor Boy Stan Pilgrim decided to add to the confusion:

Have attached a pic of my Allouchery 1.25cc (second version) manufactured from 1945 to 1948. Some series 2 engines had aluminium tanks and others (I presume the later engines) had clear plastic ones. Your engine is a nice one and very highly desirable but it is not (in my opinion) a 1946 engine. I would put it as manufactured somewhere much later than 1950 and is probably the "Tele" which was produced in 1966/67. Was done for the collectors. Ref attached extract from "Les Moteurs Modeles Reduits Francais". The book is an excellent read for the French engine enthusiast and I endorse David's recent recommendation as one for the bookshelf.

But wait! There's more... As expected, the Model Museum also contains an example of the engine which owner and curator, Tim Dannels positively knows to be from at least 1947. Here's how Tim describes it:

I'm beginning to think Allouchery didn't make two engines alike. Not sure of the size of mine, but I suppose it is a 1.25 like most of them. This one even has a bit of a history! It was pictured in the winter edition of Bill Winter's Plan Book in 1947. The article was by Jim Noonan, from whom I obtained the engine. He calls it an Eclair and I've seen the Allouchery name attached to that before. It has the swirls on the front, purely cosmetic, but pretty, as well as the additional word MleDEPOSE under the Allouchery name and above Dan's home town.




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