Bonnier 5 cc


Name Bonnier Designer unknown
Type Compression Ignition Capacity 5 cc
Production run unknown Country of Origin France
Photo by Bert Striegler
David Owen
Year of manufacture circa 1946



Again, from Bert: This is a relatively rare engine, the fixed head tankless 2nd model of the 5cc Bonnier (only the 1st model had a tank). The Bonnier was designed by a Micron engineer and produced in 1946. It shows a lot of Micron heritage and like all the others is very well made.


Here's another example of the engine from David Owen's collection. Note that David's engine has the name cast into the LHS of the case. It also is complete with tank and the plunger/detent style of cut-out device common to French engines of the period (as you would expect for engines intended for free flight use). David says:


This is the 2nd model, and as you can see, it does have a tank. Very nicely made engine, starts and runs like a 5cc Micron, as you would expect. Engine #1055.




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