The Model Shop (Newcastle) 1.2 cc

Name MS 1.2 Designer Charlie Lutman
Bore 0.436" (11.07mm) Stroke 0.524" (13.31mm)
Type Compression Ignition Capacity 0.078cuin (1.283cc)
Production run Unknown Country of Origin England
Photo by Ken Croft Year of manufacture Late 1940's




Ken says: The MS diesels were made by one of the earliest if not THE earliest model shop in England, the Model Shop Newcastle. They made a small diesel which is about 1.2cc and a larger one at about 2.4cc They are rarer than hens teeth, or rocking horse droppings, even the shop that made then in the 40's, still trading, does not have an example of them. I do not have the larger one, but I have the smaller one on permanent loan from a friend, and it is this one that I am copying. The 1.2cc engine is a sort-of conventional sideport, except the carb is at the front, and the tank is around the front housing. The cylinder fins are square. The bigger one, 2.4cc I think, has an eccentric crankshaft bush to vary the compression, and also has square fins. I had one as a late teenager, but gave it away!!

Both engines were made by the proprieter of the shop, Charlie Lutman, at a factory in the Team Valley, near Newcastle upon Tyne. They also made fuel tanks, pilots, and a whole range of goodies. The factory is long gone, as is Charlie, but the shop is still going on in Newcastle, run by Charlie Lutmans daughter-in-law and his grandson [I think]. Real historians will know some more than this, but not a lot more.

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