My long time obsession has been making models. Mostly airplanes, but over the years I've made just about everything except a live steam cho-cho and even that time may be drawing near!

On these pages you'll find some stuff relating mostly to model internal combustion engines and model engineering, organized by somewhat arbitrary topic names. These pages were first put together before I'd done any real research about web design. Now I know better, but the hit counter shows enough people have this page bookmarked that making wholesale changes would be an inconvenience, so I've just done a little re-org to make navigation for returning visitors easier and also to ease the maintenance task. Enjoy.

Returning visitors should go first to the "What's New" page and hit their "Reload" button to make sure browser, server, and any intervening mirrors are not conspiring to keep new stuff from you. I try to be relatively anal about logging all the updates there, but for safety, you should also refresh any page with an "Under Construction" symbol at the top.


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Finally, here's a guest book where you can tell me about all the spelling mistakes I've made (I just use vi - so no spell checker) and what you'd like to see expanded. You can even tell me who you are, if you like, but that's up to you.

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