ETW Seagull built by Graham Meek

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Edgar T Westbury designed the Seagull as a water-cooled, side-valve four-stroke of 10cc capacity for marine use. He later detailed an air-cooled head and cylinder for other applications, and it was this version which Graham Meek (UK) decided to build. That the project was a labour of love is evident from the quality of the work, the attention to detail, and the way in which Graham has foregone certain third-party items in favour of making his own. For example, the spark plugs, gears, and even the exhaust/inlet manifold (usualy provided as rather agricultural aluminium castings).

The photos below show some of the parts and demonstrate Graham's ability as a machinist and his inate attention to detail. Consider the conrods. As the crankshaft is a"full" shaft, the rods need removable caps, just like big engines. As these are reamed as a unit, the cap and rod must be marked so the parts don't get mixed up. Less dedicated model engineers would probably just bang in a couple of center-pops. Not Graham. Not only are the rods and caps stamped with a number, the numbers are perfectly aligned with the part, and with each other! After the engine is assembled, nobody is going to know by Graham, but I know exactly where he is coming from and can only hail his achievement through this little tribute page.

For more details on the Seagul, and it's single cylinder cousin, the Seamew, visit the ETW Seagull Page. For details of all the Westbury IC designs, consult this table.


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