Harrogate 2000 (UK) Model Engineering Exhibition.

Pictures from Ken Croft.

Last Update: May 18, 2000.

This page contains a montage of engine pictures taken by Ken Croft at a Model Engineering in the UK. Ken sent them out to the Motor Boys to see if he could discourage us (it worked for me!). Figuring such generosity should not go unpunished, there they are, along with some words about each from Ken...

Just spent a day at an annual model engineering exhibition about an hours drive from where I live. Brilliant, and better each year. Loads of traders with new and used stuff from junk to brand new machinery. I usually manage to pick up a gem or two, and this year I think I struck lucky. I have always wanted some decent bore measuring tools in place of the telescopic gauges I use, which you then measure with a mike. I found two sets of Mitutoyo bore gauges covering the range 7.5mm to 18mm. Each set was 35 so I bought both for 70, ie about $100 US. See the picture and tell me I got a bargain!

There is always lots of steam stuff at our exhibitions, and I will not bore you with that. Instaed I will pay tribute to an amazing engineer who lives near me, called Dave Bramwell. He has a local clock and watch repairing shop, but in his spare time he builds engines. This guy is not a trained engineer in any sense, he is self taught. He has a wonderful sense of humour, his engines ranging from the downright silly, to his V6 twin overhead cam aero engine, and on to the 14 cylinder twin radial he has just started.

[..here is a] set of pictures of some of his engines at the exhibition. I will tell you a little about them. His work is so good, I think I will sell up and start stamp collecting! And would you believe it, he is an absolutely smashing chap, very welcoming, very unassuming, and enthusiastic to show his shop and his tricks. I have has one very good day today.



The 0.6 is a 4 cycle engine, built well before Eric Whittle made his little 1cc engine. The piccy explains itsself, the timing gears being parallel to the crankshaft.
The crankshaft picture does not say much, except that it is the start of a twin row 14 cyl radial!
The "Bent" engine is Dave having fun. He set out to build an engine with everything either truly out of line, or looking like it is. Everything looks cockeyed if you study it, yet I have seen it running. Note one overhead valve, and I think an automatic inlet valve. The man is just nuts! (see also the designers comments).
The pipe engine came about because people talk of "piped engines" and someone gave him a copper bend and said "see what you can do with that!" I think it runs on steam.
The radial is a 7 cylinder engine that he has placed well with at the London show, and was his first "serious" engine, to use his own words. He made a single first to prove the layout.
The radial parts picture, is a picture of a photograph, but I have included it as it shows the work involved. txt
The swinging static again shows his love of the unusual. He has built many flame gulpers, vacuum engines and hot air engines. This is a hit and miss engine running on propane. The whole cylinder swings on pivots, and the gas supply comes in through those very pivots. There are no little end bearings cos there is no little end. The rod and piston are rigidly connected. Another "silly" engine he calls it.
The V6 is just that, but each bank has a double overhead canshaft driven by a train of gears.
The stripped picture is again a picture of a photograph, but it shows the internals to good effect. Not a silly engine this one, and a prize winner. txt
Finally, as a let down, a picture of my bargain of the day, my two bore gauge kits. What do you think, are they any good! At least I have a good way of measuring diameters and tapers in bores, as the divisions on the gauge are 0.001mm yes, 0.04 of a thou!

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