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Last Update: November, 2009.


Like all monsters, this page began as a simple table showing a picture or two, with a little text explaining what you were looking at; just a place to put the occasional picture that did not fit other categories. What can I say? Like Topsy, it just 'growed'. Eventually it got sufficiently out of hand that download time, even using tiny thumbnails over the internal network was noticeable, so it got split into multiple pages. The next revision applied some style sheets in the hope of achieving a degree of continuity and conformity over the whole mess. Then page generation had to be templatized with ECMA script navigation, and now I've almost forgotten what the original objective was!

The pages are arranged in chronological order of picture received, so page one has the older stuff, etc. The content is, to say the least, eclectic. So rather than attempt to index the items, I'll leave that up to the Site Search facility. Thanks to all who have contributed.

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Les Stone Tribute Page
††  Roger Schroeder Tribute Page
§The Darrel Pugh Collection Page
§§  The Charlie Tomalesky Page
ŦThe Elmer Wall Tribute Page

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