The RW 5cc G32

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Following on from his 5cc ED Racer, Ramon "Tug" Wilson (UK) has enlarged to 0.06 cuin (1cc) Super Tigre G32 to his customary 5cc displacement and produced another mouth-watering masterpiece.

Again, no CNC was used in the making of these engines, it is all know-how and elbow grease. Here we see the crankcase components prior to the bead-blasting which achieves the fine, satin finish seen below. Tug admits to a small slip of his hand-cranked CNC procedure which produced a tiny, non-critical error in one of the transfer passages. As you can see, the engines use "rear drum" induction. I'm not sure about Jaures Garofali, designer of the G32, but Australian Taipan designer, Gordon Burford, produced his 1959 rear drum induction Mk 4 Taipan using a modified Mk 3 front rotary induction crankcase, with a new front bearing housing.

While the finished engines have red anodized heads like the prototype, the general appearance is somewhat "cleaned up", but the heritage is unmistakable. Tug's engines run as well as they look. The clean exhaust product—so clean it's hard to see in the "running" picture—is a tribute to good fits and careful work. We look forward to Tug's next project, whatever it may be.


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