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The links below relate (mostly) to Model Engineeering, Model Engines, and the building of same. They are grouped by whether you can buy something from them, or not! For a list of commercial (and cottage industry) supplier names and contact details grouped by what they supply, see the Suppliers Page.

 Commercial Sites
 Non-Commercial Sites
 Other Sites
 Unusual Engine Designs
 Various Model Engine Related Internet Forums

Commercial Sites
Site dedicated to DIY 3D printing. The site is non-commercial, but most of the things mentioned are not.
Adelaide Aeromotive
Help at last for Taipan and Glow-Chief owners: AA provides a rebore service and will produce limited run reproduction engines. Other stuff too...
Ageless Engines
Home page for the famous Hodgson radials.
Artus Motor
German maker of V12 and 14 cylinder, dual bank radial engines for R/C use. Beautiful work shown on multi-lingual web site.
Authentic Scale
Beautiful and practical working scale and semi-scale radial and in-line engines machined from bar-stock.
Barry Baxters Control Line Plan Service
Classic Stunt and Combat plans at reasonable prices
Barton Model Products
John Goodall (ex MEW editor/publisher)
Bill Reichart's Model Engine Plans
Plans for IC, steam, and compressed air model engines including the well-known Panther Pup 4 cyl OHV air-cooled 4-stroke.
Burleigh Engines
Plans for a four cylinder in-line, water cooled, automotive style four-stroke design for spart ignition.
Caswell Electroplating Supplies
A (US) source for all your home shop plating requirements
Cleveland Model & Supply Company
The kits are gone, but you can still get the plans and copies of the print-wood.
Museum and marketplace for old kits, engines, magazines (drool!)
David Lloyd-Jones Old Aeromodeling Magazines
The BEST source for old model aircraft related magazines, catalogs, etc.
Dynamotive Quarter Scale Merlin Project
Plans and castings for a quarter-scale Rolls Royce Merlin. Other scale projects are planned.
Find's Motor
Find Hansen (Denmark) makes hot-bulb ignition engines. If you've no idea what that is, or just enjoy looking at fine craftsmanship, have a look.
Gattafoni & Ambrosi
Replicas and Reproduction engines -
beautiful work (but all in Italian!)
Gits Mfg Co (Since 1910)
THE source for (guess what?) Gits Caps!
Glue-it Model Engineering
General Model Engineering gallery, glossary, links etc with some commercial insertions. Has other sorts of hobby categories too.
Guy Lautard's site
Home of the Machinists' Bedside Reader series and other goodies
Heilemann Radial Engines
German precision engineering at its best and a good website full of ideas and high-tech equipment.
Supplier of the George Thomas Collection castings and kits
Hobby Mechanics
Earth's best source of QUORN casting kits.
Jiri Linka's Old Engine Model dot com
Well known expert on "Eastern Bloc" engines, Jiri Linka, offers vintage engines for sale and copies of his book on Czech model engines.
John Ridders Modelbouw
Plans for working flame, Stirling, and IC display type model engines (dual language site).
America's oldest manufacturer of model engines, and still made in the USA.
Sales and information.
Little Locos
Plans for a 3 cylinder radial, and other loco stuff...
Machine Shop Trade Secrets
Good general machining tips and tricks for all machinists, and source of the "Machine Shop Trade Sectrts" book.
Martin Ohrndorf Modellbau
Detailed plans for 9 and 14 cylinder radials and a V-12 four-stroke, glow ignition. The site also offers some ready-made parts for the designs. English and German text.
Oz source for tools, castings, materials and exclusive Australian Myford agent
Model Engine Builder
Home page for a quarterly journal dedicated to all engine builders.
Model Engine Collecting
Engine Collectors' Journal on-line.
Model Engineering
A "webzine" site dedicated to model engineering with show reports from all over the world. Also offers good quality tooling at model engineer prices.
Moyer Made
Outstanding scale auto engines made by Jim Moyer. No plans as far as I know, but Jim sells the stamped timing cover for this 1/6 scale '64 Corvette 327 V8 as key chain bling.
My Hobby Store
Online "store" for all the Model Engineer, Aeromodeller, RCM&E, etc plans. Yes, nearly all the ETW IC and steam plans are available ere.
Joe Webster provides very professional plans for his Next Generation EZE. A Simple barstock diesel.
NV Engines
Excellent and low priced glow engines for R/C and C/L from .049 to .40 cuin.
Owen Engines Australia
David Owen is the Australian source for PAW, MP Jet, and Schlosser miniature model engines. David also stocks replacement tanks for a number of classic British model engines and ship Internationally.
PB Engines Australia
Peter Burford's exquisite little 0.3cc diesel
Plantraco Hobbies
Esub-miniature electric R/C livingroom flier (don't let the cat get it!)
Precision Service Co
Art DeKalb's IC and Steam engine kits
Progress Aero Works (PAW)
Makers of diesels from 0.5cc up to a timeless design.
R-M-C Model Engines
Old style engine kits by Nick Rowland
RJL Industries
Makers of K&B, MECOA, RJL, HP, HB, and Fuji model engines; source of parts for Cox, plus lots of other cool stuff.
"Short" kits (printwood and plan) for all the English Golden Oldie kits you wish you'd bought when you had the chance.
The World's Smallest Sparkplugs
Ron Colona's site
Includes details of his 60cc Offenhauser 270 racing engine.
Ron's Model Engines
Home site for engine building mystro, Ron Colonna. Lots of pictures, information, and the place to order you copy of Ron's Builders' Manual for the 1/4 scale270 Offenhauser Indianapolis Motor Speedway engine.
Sherline Products
Complete line of tabletop machine tools.
Strictly IC
Back issues of SIC available here
SuperCool Racing Propellers
An Australian company with good products, useful information, and great photos of models and engines. Well worth a visit.
Tee Publishing (UK)
A source for new and used books and magazines.
The Engineers Emporium
Machine Tools, Engine Kits and fully built models
The Sonex 2 place homebuilt
Made from commercial grade aluminium, with an Australian made aircraft engine.
Upshur Engine Works
Plan sets and machining instructions for the engines designed by the late Hamilton (Dick) Upshur
Used, Old, and Collectable Aeromodelling Magazines and Books
Contact David Lloyd-Jones for that obscure, old aeromodelling magazines you've been chasing. Great service.
Vernal Engineering
Home of the Satra/Morton M-5 and the Roach Pratt&Whitney.
WT Engines
Plans for bar-stock based four-stroke model engines in just about all possible configurations from V to Radial.
Willstead Quality Engines
Ready to Run model Stirling engine and accessories.
X-List Plans
(nearly) all the good old Aeromodeller plans

Non-Commercial Sites
Site dedicated to DIY 3D printing. The site is non-commercial, but most of the things mentioned are not.
5 Bears Engineering
Dunno what the name means, but Kurt's engines speak for themselves!
Aerodynamics for Model Aircraft
Includes a well researched and illustrated history of Cox engines
Aeromodellers of Logan City Inc
Website for a broad-spectrum aeromodelling club
Aircraft Engine Historical Society (The)
Terrific info for full size engine buffs.
Anthony's Model Engineering Web Site
An Edwards radial under construction.
Australian C/L Nostalgia
Pictures and stories--some of them true--from the early days of control line in Australia (the webmaster looks strangely familiar too).
Bay Area Engine Builders
Lots of complex IC engines being built around SFX.
Brian Perkins W 165
Follow Brian (Bristol Hydra) Perkins as he builds a precise one-third scale working model of the Mercedes W 165 Grand Prix open wheeler.
Brian Turner's F2B Engine Project and Plans
Plans and construction details for a no holds barred, competition level F2B aerobatics glow engine.
C/L Combat
Site dedicated to modern control line combat.
Dietmar Kolb's Model Motor Homepage
Another all German language site, but don't let that stop you, there are plenty of pictures and you can alyays use on-line translators for the rest.
ETA Instruments - Watford: Drawings
Fabulous resource for ETA owners, restorers, and historians with scans of surviving drawings from ETA engine production.
FMV Story (The)
(terrific Team Race Diesel development saga).
Frank Ford's machine shop page (he's a musical instrument maker). Lots of good tips, tricks, and projects.
Find's Motor
A web site dedicated to miniature hot buld engines with many photos and videos of this unusual type which exhibit unusually fine craftsmanship.
Flying Steam Engines
There are sites that talk about using flash steam for flying modesl, then there's Geoff Wolfe who has actually done it! He does IC engines too.
Gadget Builder dot com
John Moran's diverse and useful collection of shop-made tools
Gunnar Sorensen's 423cc scale Rolls Royce Merlin
No English, but the pictures are inspiring.
Harry's Bentley Flugmotoren Projekte
This is a German language site, but the pictures of Harry's home-built 1:1 Bentley BR2 speak very loudly! Click the slide-show...
Index to Published Engine Reviews
Well researched index tells where to find that review
Internet Craftsmanship Museum
An on-line museum dedicated to model making craftsmanship sponsored by the Joe Martin (Sherline) Foundation.
Internet Craftsmanship Museum
An on-line museum dedicated to model making craftsmanship sponsored by the Joe Martin (Sherline) Foundation.
JM Rojo Collection
Jose Manuel Rojo's Collection on the web is large, well orginized, and very well presented. It's also in Spanish, but that should not be a problem today.
Jet-X dot org
Pssst! Remember these? Great site dedicated to old--and new--reaction power.
Joe Landau's Metalworking Index 2000 Edition
Index to articles appearing in select publications including Home Shop Machinist and Model Engineers' Workshop. Not complete (that would be a major never ending job), but can be quite useful.
Ken's Miniature IC Engines
Nice pics and more links.
Loet & Helle
Combat Engine using Soviet piston/liner technology.
Model Engine Collectors' Association
Metal Web News
The name says it all.
Giancarlo Mesna's Model Engine page (in Italian, English coming...)
Mike Nelson's Aeromodelling Page
Mike's page has a strong F2B focus and includes good detail of Al Rabe's models which some unkindly (and inaccurately) term "semi-stunt scalers".
Mike's Free Flight Page
I just hate people who make models this good!
Mike's Models
Mike Freeman (UK) describes building the Mills 1.3 replica from my plans, plus other things.
Mini Lathe Links
A most comprehensive collection of links for Model Engineers
Miniature Engineering Museum
Where Engines Gather: Web site of the magnificent museum formed by Paul and Paula Knapp, edicated to the preservation and display of miniature design and engineering projects.
Model Engineer Index
Bill Phillips' Index to Model Engineer (vols 122..183 in various formats)
A monthly web-zine dedicated to all levels and diciplines of aeromodelling created and maintained by Reg Heath.
Modellmaschinenbau Amin de Vries
Bi-lingual site describes model aero 4-strokes designed made by Armin de Vries (Germany)
The National Free Flight Society on the Web
On the Wire
Great site dedicated to tethered cars and hydros, past and present.
Precision Aerobatic Model Pilots Association
Pete's Pictures
Peter Civanti's Chenery Gnome model, Whittle inspired flat-four aero engine, and "kit" Morgan three-wheeler (full size). Good pictures for rotary engine builders.
Phil Wilson's Radial Engine Build
Construction photos documenting the build of a 9 cylinder radial from German CAD plans.
Phillip Coleman
has a site showing his projects including IC and steam
Dedicated tether car site from the home of tether cars: California.
The EVIC Engine Home site
Which decodes as (camless) Electronic Valve Internal Combustion engines designed by David Bowes.
The History of Team Racing
Very complete history of C/L team racing (and TR engines).
Thinking Buddy
Online course materials for students of internal combustion engines. A "full-size" focus, but worth a look.
Tryggve's Model Engines
Engines of all types by talented Swedish designer/builder.
University of Warwick
An overview of the internal combustion process with references and link.
Wayne Travin
Great reading about 1/2A engine making, chroming, home CNC, team racing, and more. Sadly, the author is no longer with us, but this site is a permanent legacy.
Webster Engine Works
Joe provides a free download plan for a simple open frame four-cycle engine.

Other Sites

Aero News dot net
Civil, Private, and Military Aviation News with Realtime updates
The "health" of any software development project is inversly proportional to the number of Dilbert cartoons hanging on the 'cube walls!
LUFT '46
German Experimental Aircraft design from the WWII period

Unusual Engine Designs

Advanced Engine Technologies
Great example of how to say so much and reveal so little.
Angel Labs MYT Engine
A non-reciprocating design that uses bio-fuel with a claimed power to weight ration of 40:1
Beare Technology
The "Six-stroke" design. See also here.
Eco Motors International
Developers of the Opposed Piston, Opposed Cylinder (OPOC) engine. I'd sure wish them success.
Grail Engine Technology
FS-HCI (Forced Semi-Homogeneous Charged Compression Ignition) using the Miller cycle. Excellent links provided to help understand underlying principals.
McCollouch BP1 chan saw engine.
A two stroke with an opposed piston for increased charging and balance. Could "run away" so withdrawn from market.
Rotec Radials
Australian designed engine for light aircraft based on the Hodgson model engines.
Scuderi Engine
Another slant on the split-cycle idea.
Stepped Piston Concept
We've seen a vintage sparky Watzit based on this idea.
The Ball Piston Engine
Not IC, but certainly different!
Variable Geometry Toroidal Engine
Unique, yes, and still under development.

Various Model Engine Related Internet Forums

Bob Shores' Engines
Discuss the engine designs of the late Bob Shores.
EDM Home Builders
A group dedicated to Ben Flemmings EDM design.
ET Westbury Engines
Group discusses the IC engines of Edgar T Westbury.
ET Westbury Horological
Westbury did clocks, too.
ET Westbury Hot Air Engines
Group discusses the hot air engines of Edgar T Westbury.
ET Westbury Steam Engines
Group discusses the external combustion engines of Edgar T Westbury.
Group for the Dave Bowes EVIC (Electronic Valve Internal Combustion) design.
Elmer's Engines
Group dedicated the engine designs of the late Elmer Verburg (note there are 3 other "companion" groups).
Home Model Engine Machinist
Site for all builders of all types of home-made model engines.
Home Model Engine Machinist (HMEM)
Yet Another forum dedicated to Model Engine making, with Apps for Apple and Android Tablet users—so good I joined!
Little Engines
For builders of model IC, steam, hot air, whatever.
MECOA Engine Enthusiast Forum
A forum for people who can't get enough of model engines. Post pics of your own prized possessions, or lust after those of others, by country.
Miniature Internal Combustion Engines
For builders and designers model IC engines.
Model Engine Machinist (MEM)
A UK based forum dedicated to Model Engine making.
Quorn Owners
For those interested in building, owning, or operating a Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder (note there are 2 "companion" groups as well).
Radial & Rotary Engines
Discuss "round" (some say "real") engines in model and full size.



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