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Wisnewski's Workshop - 1966

The pipe was in a rapid development phase. I don't have the exact date for this photo set, but I think is was in 1966 after the marvelous success at the 1966 world championships. I took off on a Saturday morning and drove to the K&B plant near Downey in L.A. County.

I anticipated a long beer and sandwich lunch at the Downy Hoffbrau, a feature of any visit to K&B. Before we left for the Hoffbrau I took out my camera and snapped a number of photographs of things as they were. Nothing was cleaned to look nice, the only thing I did was to arrange some of the TWA cases on a piece of paper for a couple photos. The photo at the right is of a Wisniewski (in his late 30's) discussing where to put things and where to find things with one of the employees.

Workbench Looking West

The first shot is of the chaotic state of affairs. Look hard and you'll see a pipe on the bench. Note book, yesterdays coffee, todays coffee. Toolboxes, tools, and many notes scatered about.