Letter to Model Engine World editor
John Goodall from Luis Petersen
regarding Paul Bugl

Dear John,

I was looking through your "old" magazine. I never saw it before, as I'm not part of the old timer circle. It was a shame publication has stopped.

I looked at the articles on the Bugl/BG engines and there were a lot of things I don't agree with, maybe because I'm part of it, having first met Paul Bugl in 1966. On the other hand, a lot of work has been put into the articles, so I will try and bring "history" up to date when I get time. Two Danish teams got Bugl Mk. I engines in 1972. Jens Geschwendtner had one and we started flying with it when we started flying together in 1974 (we won the F2C Danish nationals with my engine that year). We ordered two engines in September 1974, got them March 1975 and beat Bugl in the final in Breitenbach May 1975.

In 1976 I finished my engineering degree, majoring on Model engine design and lubrication. Bugl was very busy and I went down to stay and work with him for a month in Nürnberg making engines. I personally tested 30 Bugl engines and they were all within 300 rpm of each other. So when I state that nobody got special engines, then it's a fact. It is only a matter of how you use, or modify them. After working with him, I was the official repair man for Paul. I got spares from him and assembled and repaired engines. This continued till his death in 1978.

As far as I know, there were only eight official Bugl mk.III engines ever made. We had two at the World Champs 1978, but used the modified mk.II as they were much better. Hans and Jens Geschwendtner bought the shop and the rights to produce Bugl engines from his widow and we started producing the much improved BG. mk I engines in 1979. I did all the drawings and we made eight BG mk.II engines in 1982. I also made a front rotary induction BG for Good Year.

Best regards

Luis Petersen

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