Enya 60 Marine

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This is the Enya 60 marine made in the 1960's for the American market in very small numbers. The pictures were kindly supplied by Bob Allan, Australian expert on matters ENYA, who knows of only three others in existance. The engine is based on Saburo Enya's very first, sand cast, 6 bolt front housing "Typhoon" 60. According to Bob's research, the only printed reference to this rare engine is in an ad placed in American Modeller magazine of June 1962 by the then U.S. Enya distributors, International Models of 33 Union Square, New York.

What makes this particular Enya so intriguing is the fact that, unlike most air to water cooled conversions where a separate metal water jacket is fitted (and sealed with epoxy as on other Enya marines) or clamped over the finned section of the cylinder, this engine is just an as cast, bare expanse of raw metal—no separate cooling jacket to be seen on the upper cylinder area at all. If it weren't for the water cooling fitting, it would look just like an engine that some machinist has forgotten to, er, well, machine!

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