Majesco Mite



Les Stone's Repro

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Majesco Motors of Parkstone in Dorset was one of the earliest companies in England to commence post-war manufacture of model engines with a side-port petrol engine of 4.5cc capacity in 1946. This was followed by a number of 2.2cc diesels made using the same crankcase casting. The engine seen here is the 1948 Majesco Mite, a 0.735cc diesel made, according to Fisher, in very small numbers (p31). It featured an front rotary shaft induction with an unusual side mounted venturi and fuel tank.

Bowden's Model Diesel Engines (first edition) possibly credits the design of the Mite to a Mr Colyer (p132). Sadly his text also mentions the Milford Mite and the fixed compression Mite, but does not make clear just which Mite Mr Colyer might have designed! At least we know the fixed compression American Mite was designed by Howard Mandiville, so there's a 50% chance Mr Colyer was the designer, although we also know that Ron Warring had some connection with Majesco Motors. If you are confused, so am I.

The other engine is Les Stone's reproduction from the Motor Boys' plan. Les' engine was made from barstock whereas the original was nicely die cast.

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