Stuart AE

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Stuart Turner Ltd (UK) was established in 1898. This makes them one of, if not the oldest model engineering kit manafacturer still in existence. Now known as Stuart Models, they remain respected for their well designed, high quality live steam model kits, but in times past, they also marketed a range of Internal Combustion engines in kit and finished form. These were large engines, intended to be capable of driving workshop equipment at a time when many model engineers' lathes were treadle (ie, foot) powered. The 29cc Stuart AE seen here first appeared around 1926. Note the stationary steam engine influence in the cast base shown in the Stuart Turner advertisement from a 1939 issue of the Model Engineer. CF Caunter's 1939 book, Model Petrol Engines, shows a horizontally opposed, air-cooled Stuart AE IC engine. The 1922 edition of his book says they offered four models. These were earlier air and water cooled versions of both the single cylinder and twin cylinder engines. The text notes that that the single was introduced by them in 1911/12. The book also makes mention of a Stuart T.B.D. two-stroke model.

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