The Australian WAREL 2.5cc Diesel

David Owen, February 7, 2011.

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About five years ago I was offered an unusual diesel. Following a phone description, I was thoroughly intrigued and bought the engine. I do not know of another example and the seller was able to give me only sparse information.

The engine is a twin ballrace, rear-disc 2.5cc diesel with radial porting and twin exhaust ducts in the casting. The latter appears to be from a pressure die and is very well made, as is the rest of the engine. This form of casting would generally only be used for a production item. Perhaps such was intended, or is this engine simply the work of a man involved in the field of pressure die-casting. Judging from the main features, I would estimate the engine was made in the mid to late '50s.

It was built by a retired engineer, W (Bill) Tildersley, who lived in the Bexley area, a suburb of Sydney, in the State of NSW, Australia. Tildersley was interested in all things mechanical, including firearms, and made his own outboard engine. He passed away some 10-15 years ago.

The 2.5cc diesel was named a 'WAREL', a combination of the names of his children, Warren and Narelle. Warren is believed to have died in his early '40s from a heart attack. Narelle's whereabouts are unknown.

The seller knew Bill Tildersley through his own father, also now deceased, and used to visit the Tildersley home as a child. He was given this Warel engine at some time in the mid 1960s, but never ran or flew it in a model. He believed that at least several engines of the type were made and possibly given to local modellers. He also believed that Bill Tildersley had made other engines, but had no details.

As always, further information about a rare engine such as the Warel would be most welcome.


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