Midland Model Engineeing Exhibition 2004

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These photos were kindly taken and made available by Ken Croft at the 2004 Midland Model Engineeing Exhibition. They reflect the spread of the content on display. The captions are Ken's and reflect our own pecular bias on the world, with tongues most firmly pressed in-cheeks

The Hall

Tinplate put-put boats

They were selling boats



Big boat

Boats again

Even more boats

Even more bloody boats

It's the 2 girls again

Agri machine

Barn engine and patterns

Six inch tall potato planter

Harvester 12 inch long

Model Wheelrightes society stand

Showmans engine and patterns


Winding engine

Slag thing

Gordon Cornell's cadcam output

Roy Darlington and Mrs.

Clock through glass case

Exquisite clock in case

Little and Large locos

Live steam layout

Gas turbine loco

Loco detail

Part built loco

Locos watching locos

Not built on a Myford S7

Tracked vehicle

Traction engines

Mac powered vintage B

More nutting stirling engines

Tom Pasco's Beare engine and Sleeve valver

Ingmar Dalberg's Wright J5

Ingmar's radial rear

Radial details

Ingmar's V8

V8 and J5 builder

Incredible Mercer 1

Incredible Mercer 2

Incredible Mercer 3

Incredible Mercer 4

Incredible Mercer 5

Incredible Mercer-mirror underneath

Stirling stuff

Eric Offen's stuff

Eric's Pepp die

What's this then Eric?

Lathes for sale

Machine tools for sale

Used tool seller


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