NAMES 2007

Created: April, 2007

As model engineering shows go, the premier event in the US calendar in the one held each year by the North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES for short). The 18th annual exposition was held April 21-22, 2007 at the Seagate Convention Centre in Jefferson Ave, Toledo, Ohio. This site provided 50,000 sq feet of space and as usual, was extremely well attended with models of every conceivable type present.

The Official NAMES web site will provide photographic coverage in the fullness of time, but as our focus is somewhat narrower, this page shows a good sample of the types and quality of model internal combustion engines on display. Thanks go to long-time model engine enthusiast Don Belote for taking all these photos and fighting with the Model Engine News mailbox going full to get them to us. Don was able to take the shots during set-up time, otherwise it would have been near impossible to get close enough because of the crowds! Sadly, with so many photographs, it is not possible nor practical to give attribution to all the talented builders—much as they deserve it.

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