Ron Chernich

Position:Engineering Director
Status:Full Time

CRC for Distributed Systems Technology

DSTC Pty Ltd (ACN 052 372 577)
Department of Computer Science
University of Queensland
St Lucia, Qld 4072, AUSTRALIA

Phone:	+61 7 3365 4310
Fax:	+61 7 3365 4311


Ron is Chief Cat Wrangler for DSTC's Engineering Unit. His teams design, build and maintain commercial grade software based on DSTC's research and standards contributions. Ron and his people also provide general and in-house training through DSTC Technology Transfer Unit, as well as undertaking consulting work in their respective research fields.

Research Interests:

Personal Interests:

Ron Chernich BAppSc BComp(Hons) CQU

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