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Last Update: August, 2010

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The Brisbane Model Airplane Club, Thunderbirds Inc are principally dedicated to control line flying, although a separate R/C group exists and members from both indulge in indoor flying. These shots show some of our members' models taken at our Bracken Ridge field in Brisbane's Deagon Wetland Preserve. For a map giving the field location, press here.

Smillin' Max Phillips

Bob Seeney's Airfarce

Handicap F2b 2001.01.21

Smillin' Max's P51

Brodak Oriental

Yet another BS profile

Smillin' Max Phillips and T'bird

Feral Max, Fox 40, original 'bird

John Raymond, "Thunderbird", Radial cowel version

Roger's Nobler


John Raymond, Veco "Chief", Veco 29 powered


These are of my own C/L models, all flown at the club field at some time.

The Big G.
ST60, 66", 64oz.

Brodak Nobler
(taken in Protland OR)

This got a few highway looks




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