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Vernal Engineering has been engaged in the redevelopment and refinement of the Morton M5 Radial for over twenty years. The Satra-Morton engine produces more power with less vibration and far less wear than previous versions by Morton and Burgess.

These pages list the current (November, 2008) prices of the individual components. A basic kit is also available at a considerable saving over the individual unit prices.

Vernal is pleased to supply worldwide. International customers please contact Vernal President, Bruce Satra, for shipping options, costs, and payment options.


  Morton M5
   Page 1 3-D Engine
   Page 2 Price List
   Page 3 Notes
   Page 4 Prop
   Page 5 M5 Exploded View

    Morton M1
    Morton SM2
Pratt & Whitney R-1830
    Tools and Supplies


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