The ME Heron 1 cc Diesel

(January 16, 1999, Last update: Nov 28, 2004)
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The Heron, again owned by good friend and partner in all manner of crimes, Van Richards-Smith. It received the obligatory red anodizing treatment and an ultra-sonic cleaning. It also needed a complete needle valve and spray-bar assembly (NVA), the making of which is delt with in great and boring detail in the November 2004 Model Engine News Technical Tip. The NVA described in that article, and seen here in the "after" shot, is derived from 3-view drawings in Aeromodeller and Model Aircraft. Clanford's A-Z reference seems to show something like this, but it's hard to tell. Van had another Heron, but he says the NVA in it is from his Taifun, and the one in the Taifun is from... (? )

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