Model IC Engine Restorations

Created: October 25, 2003
Last Update: September 8, 2007


Do you remember what a thrill it was as a kid to receive your own model engine? Do you remember the anticipation? The excitement? The busted fingers? The frustration? The disillusionment? How many of these childhood dreams were eventually consigned to the tip, or sold to some other kid at the park for a pitance? Well, given the aging population with a relitively high disposable income in a relitively stable global economy, the desire to relive those past days is sweeping the world. The extent of this sweep is such that the cost of revisiting those days is going asymptotic! You won't believe what it costs today for a mint condition McCoy .60, or even a "slag" ignition engine.

There exist some fabulous collections in various countries. The owners were lucky to catch the wave at the right time as not only is price now a barrier, so is availability. I've managed to recapture some youthfull dreams by locating basket cases of engines I once owned (or drempt of owning) and restoring them to something resembling their former glory. The machine shop I've had to assemble in the process probably exceeds the cost of buying New In Box (NIB) examples, but what the hell? It's a hobby, right?

So with no more rambling, here are a few of the restoration jobs I've done over the last few years for myself and friends. Several are for my old aeromodelling buddy from high school days and he's been warned: if he runs them, he dies!

Glow Chief 19
Taipan Series 66 Conrod
Taipan 2.5cc "Blue Head"
Taipan 2.0cc "Tyro"
Taipan 1.5cc "Bubble Pack"
Taipan 1.5cc and 2.5cc "Square Heads"
Frog 1.5cc "Vibromatic"
ME Heron 1.0cc
Two Taipans
An Oliver Tiger Cub 1.5cc
Some heads done for Bert Striegler (USA)
A Curry Mills Repair Job
Hope B




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