Harrogate Model Engineering Exhibition 2006

Created: May, 2006
Photos by Ken Croft and John Downie.
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Once again, we have Ken Croft and John Downie to thank for providing the photographic coverage of internal combustion related models on display at the annual Harrogate Model Engineering Exhibition. Naturally, the range of displays which includes steam, boats, tools, trade exhibits and other items was *huge*. It's my call to restrict the coverage to IC and selected other things that have taken the fancy of our reporters. There are a few notes on the exhibits following the photos.


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Photo 1 is a Watzit. It's 10cc and has an ETW-ish feel to the crankcase, but apart from that and the fact it was being exhibited by the Tynemouth club, we are mystified.

The combination of a scale glider with an electric motor is most aesthetically clean (Photos 2 and 3). At first glance, the way the prop blades fold forwards may seem odd, but note the link in front of the motor pylon. This rotates the motor as the pylon retracts rearwards into the fuselage, with the blades paralleling the pylon when fully retracted. This results in the most compact composition and also helps with center of gravity shifts associated with the retraction.

Photos 4 through 11 all have a common theme: WO Bentley. Obviously there's a full-size ring-in here, but Ken could not resist it and I'm glad he could not!

Photos 12 through 26 have a common theme too: all are the work of Dave Bramwell. We've seen Dave's work before through Ken's coverage of Harrogate 2000. The gentleman with the intense, concerned look in Photo 13 is inspecting Dave's "bent" engine and probably thinking "...now hang about...??!!" as no parts of the engine appear to be at right angles to each other. The single cylinder 4-stroke of photos 14 to 16 had me thinking Whittle "Robin" at first--until I noticed the bulge at the side for valve gear that is. It's obviously a Bramwell original (as if Dave would build anything else) and has a capacity of just 1cc.

Photos 27 and 28 are ETW designs; specifically a "Dolphin" and a "Sealion". The latter, as its name suggests, in normally seen in a boat hull with water cooling provided by scoops. The addition of a radiator totally transforms it (a LandLion?) so it would not look out of place in a vintage auto chassis. Of the Dolphin. the gun-metal head is unusual, striking and adds to the appeal.

Photos 30 to 33 are fine examples of the Hodgson nine-cylinder Radial. This excellent, mature design is appearing in growing numbers all over the place.

Photos 39 through 42 show Tom Pasco's latest exploration of the sleeve-valve concept. Having built single and radial versions, the opposed boxer is logical (search on "Pasco" to locate the others). Not much left now Tom, just a "V", and the "H" (though Barry Hares' RR Eagle and Clen Tomilinson's Napier Sabre pretty much close the book on H configured sleeve valves). Congratulations are also due to Tom for landing the award from English machinery supplier, WARCO--most justly deserved.

In a slight deviation to external combustion, there are scattered photos of a Shai, some traction engines (just for Uncle Eric) and a genuine, original (I think), vintage steam powered car. Mike Rehmus, editor of Model Engine Builder attended the show, so you can look forward to his perspective in the pages of MEB later in the year (some people have all the luck--his visit was probably tax deductible! )



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