Model IC Engine Construction Projects

Last Update: July, 2008.
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I consider myself to be rather new to this hobby, especially in comparison to my compatriot Motor Boys. Nevertheless, I've managed to make a runnable engine or two and can certainly advise on what not to do! The links below go to engine project pages (and pages, and pages, and... ) on this site.

They are categorized into three levels of complexity. The classification is highly subjective. For instance the "Nano" is a very straight forward engine, but it is extremly small, which makes obtaining the correct fits difficult. And running it requires a lot of experience with compression ignition (aka "diesel") type engines, especially small ones, hence it's rated "Advanced". In contrast the Sparey 5cc diesel is a monster, but construction is sufficiently straight forward to be classed as suitable for a beginner.

If you are contemplating building an engine, see Model Engine News for October 2005 and the Engines Designed for Beginners series for my recomendations on selecting a subject.

Beginners Engines
Schroeder "Simple Single" 0.8cc Cox cylinder based diesel (or glow).
ML Midge 0.8cc side port diesel from bar stock.
Owen"Mate" 2cc diesel Extruded crankcase!
Little Dragon 049 Glow Roy Clough Jr's a948 design from MAN. Redrawn CAD plans can be downloaded from the Members section.
EZE engine series Four variations on the MAN "Little Dragon" theme.
Gotham Hobby Deezil Replica An MBI project and Schroeder Kit.
Sparey's 0.8cc (sic) diesel. Why "sic"? See here.
Vivell 09 An MBI RRV project.
Sparey 5cc A physically large engine, but simple to make and make run.
Pachasa Air Engine A twin cylinder expansion engine (compressed air) from 1928.

Intermediate Engines
Weaver 1.0cc diesel Full construction series.
AHC 2cc Diesel History and construction series.
Schroeder "Simple Twin" 1.6cc Cox cylinder based boxer glow.
Original Ohlsson .12 cu in ignition engine (Schroeder Kit).
Nova 1 4.5cc diesel from occupied Holland—an MBI project.
The ET Westbury "Atom Minor Mk III".
Delong Diesel An MBI project.
Sugden Special A high performance 2.5cc diesel from 1955.
Westbury Whippet 15cc Side-valve Four-stroke Full construction series for the Hemingway kit.

Advanced Engines
Nano 0.1cc diesel IC engine for watchmakers.
ED Baby 0.46cc diesel IC engine for clock makers.
1939 M&M MBI project—reed valve inlet, piston valve transfer!
"Sparey" 2cc twin A tribute 2cc in-line twin.
Replica Taplin Twin Prototype From MEW castings.
Morton M5 A 5 cylinder 4-stroke radial from original factory castings.
Zimmerman 1:6 scale DeHavilland "Cirrius" 4 stroke.
Feeney 15cc Four-stroke Full construction series, including skew gear cutting!
Clanford Clan 0.24cc diesel A MEN Member's experience building a tiny diesel from MBI plans.

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